In our products we use pure and delicate ingredients.
The washing agents of vegetable origin are safe and non agressive, ideal for sensitive delicate skins.
The cutting edge conditioning agents are of vegetable origin safe, delicate and 100% biodegradable.
The preserving agents are typical of the food industry and are safe and well tollerated.
The use of delicate and pure substances generates a new self-reconstruction process in the hair fibre which restores the natural beauty of the hair. Positive effects related to the use of natural products will be evident to the sight and touch after only a few applications: constant use of the product is the key to obtaining results. Trust in natural beauty and discover its benefits.

Toxin free - anti pollution

Aggressive chemicals increase electro static electricity in the hair attracting the polluting agents present in the atmosphere. Sebum traps polluting particles and acts on the scalp intensifying its issues. The hair becomes opaque and loses its vitality. With our products you will detoxify your hair and scalp from impurities to keep it healthy.

Healthy skin

Absence of aggressive chemicals restores suitable levels of hydration in the skin. It reduces the likeliness of scalp irritations, the forming of dry dandruff or psoriasis.

Long-lasting clean hair

The skin reacts to the use of aggressive chemicals by increasing sebum production in order to restore the natural skin barrier, as a consequence the hair looks immediately weighed down and will tend to get dirty very easily. Our products respect the scalp without reducing the protective hydrolipidic film, ensuring long lasting clean hair.

Increased volume

Our products make the hair naturally more voluminous.
This is made possible by the absence of filming chemicals which weigh the hair down, suffocate the scalp and hyperstimulate sebum production.